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April 09, 2024

Brodner, a frequent contributor to The Nation, is both a great caricaturist and a great portraitist.

Michael Cavna
August 31, 2023

Matt Bors was a creatively hungry 29-year-old cartoonist with energy to burn and a vision to fill a journalistic void. The popularity of nonfiction comics and graphic novels was soaring in 2013, yet many news outlets were cutting back on their topical cartoons.

Frank Gormlie
July 28, 2023

Now that Steven Breen is out at the Union-Tribune as its long-time editorial cartoonist, the local daily — recently purchased by a hedge fund — is in dire need of a local artist with the gravitas of taking on issues in a comic way.

So, stand aside!

The OB Rag hereby recommends local boy, Lalo Alvaraz — artist of the award-winning “La Cucaracha” daily cartoon series — for the U-T’s new editorial cartoonist!

DAVID BAUDER - AP Media Writer
July 16, 2023

Even in a year when media layoffs seem a daily part of the news, the firing of three Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonists in a single day was a gut punch

NEW YORK (AP) — Even during a year of sobering economic news for media companies, the layoffs of three Pulitzer Prize-winning editorial cartoonists on a single day hit like a gut punch.

Michael Cavna
July 12, 2023

McClatchy, citing ‘continuing evolution’ for the cuts, says its newspapers will no longer publish daily opinion cartoons

Jack Ohman cannot recall another day like it, even amid decades of brutal cuts in the field of newspaper political cartooning.

Mike Peterson
July 12, 2023

This is, alas, a Juxtaposition of the Fired.

Dan Froomkin
July 07, 2023

The Washington Post’s opinion pages were never particularly good, so the fact that they have devolved into a sad, toxic wasteland mostly inhabited by lazy neocons and right-wing reprobates is a shame,  but not tragic.

What the Post opinion pages always excelled at, however, was political cartooning.

March 24, 2023

Ann Telnaes, editorial cartoonist at The Washington Post, is the 2023 recipient of the Herblock Prize, the Herb Block Foundation announced.

D.D. Degg
January 01, 2023

As Kevin Necessary peacefully transfers the power of the presidency of the Association of American Editorial Cartoonists on to 

Signe Wilkinson
December 04, 2022

A decade after the Pulitzer Prize-winning editorial cartoonist departed The Inquirer, a colleague reflects on his memorable career — and mourns the decimated state of their still-vital profession.

When the 29-year-old Tony Auth arrived at The Inquirer from Los Angeles in 1971, readers didn’t know what was about to hit them.

Michael Cavna
June 16, 2022

Herblock, Garry Trudeau, Patrick Oliphant, Paul Conrad and other artists who skewered Nixon and his inner circle made the era a boom time for political satire

Washington Post Staff
June 13, 2022

(First published May 25, 2015, republished for Watergate 50th Anniversary)

Herblock was the pen name of Herbert Block, the Washington Post’s political cartoonist who graphically captured the Watergate story in more than 100 often memorable drawings done between June 1972 and August 1974. Twenty of them are presented in this feature in chronological order.

Rob Tornoe
June 07, 2022

In May, Insider won a Pulitzer Prize, joining a small group of digital-only news organizations awarded journalism’s top prize. But like Politico back in 2012, the recognition came in an unlikely category for an online news organization — cartooning.

June 07, 2022

A few weeks after the AAEC and three dozen past Pulitzer Prize winners and finalists protested recent changes to the Editorial Cartooning category of journalism’s ‘biggest award’, aspiring cartoonist (and CNN anchor) Jake Tapper has written to the Pulitzer Prize Board encouraging them to rethink their decisions. Here is the letter Tapper sent, reprinted here with his permission.

May 31, 2022

To the Pulitzer Board members:

Graciela Mochkofsky
May 18, 2022

Does winning a prestigious award mean that Alcaraz is now accepted by the mainstream?